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Exponent at a Glance

Exponent enables professional quant-traders and data scientists to launch quant strategies in DeFi. Our aim is to democratize access to financial services.

For End Users

All in one place. You can choose from a selection of vaults with various crypto quant strategies, while retaining custody of your assets at all times.

For Strategists

Quick clicks to launch. You can set up DeFi quant strategies with all the supporting tools and infrastructure, while keeping your IP protected. Focus on trading, we will take care of DeFi integration and execution.

Why End Users Choose Exponent

Exponent allows you to gain exposure to multiple crypto assets and earn returns with a few clicks.

Expand your crypto assets holdings by simply deposit in a vault.



Choose from a selection of vaults with rigorously backtested signals that fit your risk tolerance.

Earn Risk Adjusted Returns

Pick a vault to deposit in and let strategists actively rebalance and manage volatility on your behalf.

Save Time


Save on fees by pooling assets together and trading via batch transactions.

Optimize Costs

quant traders in a permissionless,

Connecting end users with professional

non-custodial, and trustless way.

Why Launch Strategies on Exponent


Quick Launch

API-into trading on DeFi.  Focus on trading, leave the tech and infra to us.


Easy Execution

Execute with peace of mind.  We optimize for liquidity, slippage, and gas fees.


Smooth Monetization

Generate return performance. We provide hassle-free fee collection and distribution.

All Your Data Needs in One Place,

So You Can Trade with Better Insight

Aggregated data metrics and dashboards.

Optimized order-routing to manage slippage.

Minimized gas fees.

DeFi Integration

Powered by battle tested Enzyme Finance infrastructure.

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